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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located?

I am located at 211 Turner Drive in Reidsville NC, in a private office, independent of but with in Taylor Chiropractic. I provide both clinical and spa based massage therapy and treatments, with an emphasis on tailoring to clients preferences and fusing art and science into an experience.

You are not required to be a patient of the chiropractic office to receive massage with me. I also hold contracts with corporate wellness programs providing massage to their employees in VA and NC on their premises.

Why don't you offer specials or discounts?

I don't do discounted or less than work, so I don't discount my rates. I have had this policy from the my very first day as a massage therapist, never providing discounts just to get a client, massage is worth more to me than a marketing gimmick. clients are worth more to me and they deserve to have a therapist that values them and their self that provides work worth the rate charged. I value massage as an art & don't believe it is something to be put on sale. I do however, provide special rates for existing clients ; for birthdays & for healthcare professionals & teachers as a show of appreciation for their support of my practice & their contribution to the community. Along with, seasonal limited specialty services, combining multiple modalities with signature treatments & artisan made products available to any client, multiple times a year.

Your rates are a bit higher than the other therapist in my area, why?

Each therapist is different, their backgrounds, education. post graduate studies, years of experience and complexity of the modalities they provide factor into rates for massage. 11 years of experience, multiple awards, multiple state licenses, national certification, over 275 hours of post graduate studies, & multiple modalities & specialization are some of the factors reflected in my rates. Additionally, the experience of the massage, organic oils, pure essential oils, & numerous other"add ins" are provided with every massage, with no additional charge, all sessions are the full hands on time & not shortened for undressing etc.

What is the best massage to get?

That is a matter of what your treatment goals are, medical condition , life style, & preferences. All these factors are discussed & together we develops a massage treatment that is customized for your needs.

How often should I get massage?

There really is no right or wrong answer. My rule of thumb is, as often as you need it, as often as you can. As massage therapist we are limited by our scope of practice set forth by the NC board of massage and body work therapy & can not dictate to a client a prescribed frequency, only help by offering suggestion, based on your needs.

My other therapist gave me homework, at home stretches & exercises to do, supplement recommendations & dietary plans, why don't you?

Unless the therapist holds additional licensure as a PT, Nutritionist or other medical practitioner licensed to prescribe & give medical advice, they are practicing outside their scope of practice as a massage therapist. As massage therapist we are only allowed to practice with in the scope as defined by the practice act, from the NCBMBT. This scope limits massage to: Systems of activity applied to the soft tissues of the human body for therapeutic, educational, or relaxation purposes.

What do all those numbers behind the names of massage therapist mean?

They are our designation NCLMBT, North Carolina Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist & our license number. These designate who is authorized to provide massage by the state of NC the lower a number is generally indicates the therapist having been licensed longer than a higher number, & all massage therapist in NC are required to provide this number & designation after their legal name in all forms of advertising along with displaying current valid massage license in their practices pursuant to section .0301 Professional Designations and section.0302 Display of License & .0404 Advertising of the Rules and regulations of the board.

Other states like Virgina use a different designation like CMT and the National Board uses BCTMB.

As a client always make sure that the therapist you see has at least the required entry level license demonstrating competency & legal right to practice, like one provided by the state. For an even clearer differentiation of advanced & elevated standards with in the massage profession look for a nationally certified massage therapist or a national board certified therapist, as these are mastery level certifications, meeting additional requirements above & beyond for education & experience.

My coworker sells the same essential oils you use & told me that she can provide me with an aroma touch/raindrop therapy and provide their aromatherapy treatments for half of what you & other therapist charge?

Aroma touch & raindrop therapy along with about 20 other techniques have been determined by the board of massage in NC, to be modalities that require the practitioner to be licensed by the state. Some one practicing or providing these techniques with out a license is doing so illegally, please notify your friend. Complete list of modalities requiring licensure.

In the case of someone providing aromatherapy & suggesting oils to the general public, it is best to inquire what training they have, if any, provides them the knowledge of the oils & safety precautions for safe use. It is best to consult with a certified aromatherapist, a person with some formal training or other licensed professional with additional training in the use of essential oils.

I went in for a massage & the therapist informed me that my requested modality would need to be modified or changed due to contraindications, why?

As a massage therapist, issues concerning your health conditions & what types of massage are safe to use are the most important thing to me. I would in no way ever provide massage deemed contraindicated, meaning there is a medical issue that may cause massage or type of massage inappropriate for that condition or conditions. Suggesting modification or requesting a physicians clearance prior to receiving massage in these situations is for your safety & protection.

Elevated Standards, Artisan Massage

Serving Reidsville NC 27320, Eden NC 27288, Wentworth NC 27320, Browns Summit NC 27214, Summerfield NC, Rockingham County NC & Danville VA 24541

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Functional Movement Techniques Certification
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Member
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